Tracey Jaquith, Senior Engineer and Architect

Tracey Jaquith was a founding coder and system architect for Internet Archive in 1996, writing multi-threaded servers, crawlers and more. She wrote the "what's related" services that ultimately spun off Alexa Internet to an Amazon acquisition. Inventor on two patents. She is the longest tenured employee after founder Brewster Kahle.

In 2000, she left for four years to follow her Cornell mentor, Dan Huttenlocher, and was a technical lead and founding engineer at a financial startup focusing on more efficiently trading convertible bonds.

Recently, she rewrote Archive's TV recording system to an opensource single server system, capable of 75 simultaneous 24x7 channels, and made site "full stack" first and second versions. She has had over a decade of primary responsibility for and infrastructure full stack, and brought website to a fully responsive "version 2" website -- migrating to jQuery, bootstrap, LESS, modern faceting, ElasticSearch, postgreSQL and more. She built the item upload and modification system and continues to do the TV, video, and audio processing, as well as the web browser A/V player. She is leading core infrastructure migration to Docker for's in-house AWS and S3-like system, and leads continuous integration and testing.

Her first job was at Xerox PARC and a product shipping division, writing core low-level C-language image processing and comparison algorithms using novel computational geometry based on research from her Master's degree. Her team's code was responsible for all multifunction print, scan, and fax machines. Inventor on word segmentation patent and three other patents.

Jaquith holds a Master's and Bachelor's in Computer Science from Cornell University where she focused on machine vision, robotics and mathematics. Jaquith presents at conferences (Demuxed 2016, MozFest, more) and is a regular guest lecturer at SFSU BECA 460 — Introduction to News on Broadcast and Electronic Media.

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